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    URIList for 5.0 question

    Peter Johnson Master

      In 4.2.x (and earlier), the URIList property of the DeploymentScanner MBean is well documented. Playing with the URIList property of the VFSDeploymentScanner bean in 5.0 beta3, I have noticed several differences in behavior. Are these differences expected or unintentional?

      1) Adding an archive name (a URI that does not end in a slash), causes various exceptions ("org.jboss.deployers.spi.DeploymentException: Error deploying MANIFEST.MF: The virtual file is closed" if the URI points to a file, and "java.lang.IllegalStateException: File cannot contain children: FileHandler@2286508[path=WEB-INF/web.xml context=file:/F:/opt/jbia/deploy/hello.war/ real=file:/F:
      /opt/jbia/deploy/hello.war/WEB-INF/web.xml]" if the URI points to an exploded directory).

      2) If there are multiple directory entries (URIs that end with a slash), all of them get scanned during startup for applications to deploy (as expected), but only the first entry gets scanned by the hot deployer while the app server is running, which makes for interesting behavior if "${jboss.server.home.url}deploy/" is not the first entry!