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    To generate a wsdl using JAX-WS in JBOSS with java program b

    Raji Rayaprolu Newbie


      I am using JAX-WS to generate webservices using JBOSS application server by writing a java program.

      My sample java program includes :which takes an i/p name as string and displays out put as "Hello name",with the use of annotations.And,also have written web.xml for it.If I start JBOSS without adding project to it,it is starting.BUt If I add project to it the server is not publishing.Its getting like:"publishing JBOSS 4.2.2....:waiting for virtual machine to exit".

      I have followed the link:http://www.javabeat.net/articles/2007/10/creating-webservice-using-jboss-and-eclipse/3
      to do this,where in it was given that by means of auto build process of eclipse IDE war file generates in default jboss folder.But which is not happening,so that,am unable to generate wsdl file..

      Can any body help me?
      1) why jboss is not publishing after adding project to it?
      2) why war file is not generating in the default jboss folder?