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    Help in Installation of Eclipse, XDoclet and JBOSS

    Alex Acevedo Newbie

      Hey all,
      I have an issue. I have installed Eclipse 3.3.1 as well as JBoss Tools 2.0. I was trying to go through a simple tutorial and ran into a problem. This tutorial requires using XDoclet when I go through Eclipse into Windows->Preferences->XDoclet I notice that it says missing library: xjavadoc-1.1.jar Select the home directory for XDoclet. 1.2.3.
      When I look in my plugins folder I notice that there is an xdoclet.2.0.core plugin. Why wouldn't the preferences window for XDoclet reflect that? Has anyone been able to get XDoclet 2.0 to work with Eclipse 3.3.1 and JBoss Tools 2.0? If you have can you let me know what steps you followed to do this. Thanks. Any help appreciated.