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    Hot deployment scanner deploys files which were meant to be

    jaikiran pai Master

      I have been trying out a few things with JBoss-5.0 Beta3. While doing this i observed that the hot deployment scanner org.jboss.system.server.profileservice.hotdeploy.HDScanner while scanning for any modified/removed/added applications, picks up files which are meant to be filtered out. Here's the scenario:

      - Create a valid EAR file (ex: myApp.ear)
      - Place this file in the deploy folder of the server and rename it to myApp.ear.bak (so that it is filtered out from deployment)
      - Start the server.
      - Server starts fine and as expected the myApp.ear.bak is not deployed as it is filtered out by the VFSDeploymentScannerImpl using the ExtensibleFilter.
      - However, once the server has started and the next run of HDScanner starts, the HDScanner adds the myApp.ear.bak to a list of "new" applications to be deployed. Because of which the myApp.ear.bak gets deployed (which is not what we wanted).

      The reason appears to be because HDScanner isn't filter aware. As a result the getModifiedDeployments() method on the ProfileImpl adds this .bak file to the list of new applications to be deployed.

      I looked at the JIRA to see if this is reported, but could not find any related issue. Has this been reported before?