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    JBoss Console is Frozen

    csk csk Newbie


      Can anybody help me in this. Looks like a wierd problem for me.
      I had my Jboss 4.05 application server running and after sometime I was not able to log into my application.It was not proceeding further(application hung)

      Then I checked my console and when I hit an on the console, then I was able to login and proceed with my application. Is there any reason why the console was frozen. Will the application server not run because of a frozen console?

      Thanks in advance

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          Peter Johnson Master

          You did not say which OS you are using but based on the problem I suspect you are using Windows.

          You should turn off the "QuickEdit Mode". This is what usually causes the problem (someone bumps the mouse an inadvertently locks the console, thus causing the app to hand the next time it attempt to perform output).

          Or in production you should really be setting the app server to run as as service. Then there is no console window and this problem is avoid altogether..