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    Starting an own Quartz Schedulerclass

    Michael Obster Newbie


      I'm using here JBoss 4.0.5 GA and wanted to start an own implementation of a Quartz scheduler when I deploy the EAR file.
      My software consists of 3 main modules which are deployed with the EAR file. 2 of them are webapplications based on struts and jsf and the big module is the database and facade module with the logic components which is also used by an Eclipse RCP application. As the scheduler also has to be logically in this big module I cannot use (or better I don't want to use) one of the web.xml's from the two webapps :-(.
      In a Tomcat environment you would configure that over the web.xml in -tags, but how can I tell JBoss that there is a scheduler class which has to be loaded after deployment?

      Because I need information from the database for the job creation (the configuration is done in the database), it was not possible to use the quartz-ra.rar :-(.

      Anyone can help me?