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    More than two QUARTZ schedullar instances in JBoss creates i

    Hema T Newbie


      JBoss does not run the third scheduler application (it starts the first two) in the same instance. Here is my scenario:

      I have three independant applications that run jobs, based on the scheduler. Each one is using its own quartz scheduler to schedule the jobs.

      Now, we have created Service archives(.sar) out of this applications and tried to deploy all the three in the same JBoss. When we run these 3 .sars in 3 different JBoss severs, it work fine.

      The moment we club all the 3 Sars together, the JBoss is able to start only the first two Sars and the third one is not running.

      There is no deployment errors.
      Two Sar are started and working fine, but the third one is not running (though deployed without any errors).

      Is there any limitation in JBoss, that JBoss can support only 2 quartz instances and not more than that?

      This is a very specific scenario. Any information in this regard would be of great help.

      Hema T