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    Plans for distributing an RPM

    Ray Hammond Newbie

      I've searched the forums for an answer to this question, but one is unable to find one. Why is there no RPM available in the official download section?

      It seem very odd that a division of RedHat would not build an RPM to take advantage of the YUM or up2date repository managers? The distribution offered don't offer strict configuration control standards that an RPM provides. Can anyone explain the thinking behind this deployment method?

      I really hope an RPM will be distributed in the future! Please :-)

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          Gabe Newbie

          There are various RPMs for various Linux distros. JBoss is also
          referred to as RedHat Application Server. That said, the deluge of
          RPMs related to JAVA have given rise to many a problem.

          The main issue is that most JAVA applications are dependent on a specific
          version of JDK and or Application Server, as well as specific library versions.
          So attempting to globalize a JAVA environment on a system have more
          associated problems than any potential benefits.

          Although globalising environments for traditional Linux technologies,
          such as PHP is a good practice, for JAVA, you are better off downloading
          the related archive and installing.

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            Ray Hammond Newbie

            Thank you for the response. The reason I'm asking is I am responsible for just under 100 servers: some of which run Apache and Apache Tomcat. We are considering moving to JBoss AS from Apache Tomcat; therefore, I need a slick way to roll out JBoss. Installing JBoss manually on several servers is not ideal (human error factor); hence, I'd like a source RPM which I can grab, manipulate and test, prior to deployement in a production environment.

            I maybe misunderstanding, but an RPM is capable of stipulating dependacies down to version number; hence, you could roll up JBoss in a RPM and stipulate that JDK 1.4 is required. Users such as myself would then take the source RPM, add dependant libraries and package it up, ready for deployment in our specific software repository (controlled by YUM).

            Unfortunatley, for me we enforce a 'No RPM, no install' policy; therefore I'll have to roll it up myself. Can anyone give me any pointers before I start?