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    Classloading issue confirmation needed

    Luc DEW Newbie


      in a library within a JBoss ESB archive or SAR archive, the following code is performed to find annotated classes:

      ClassLoader cl = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
      URL[] urls = cl.getURLs();

      The problem is that the urls array returned is always empty. I was expecting to have URLs of libraries packages in my ESB archive. (The code is executed within a library in the archive).

      The same code executed within a Web application does not return an empty array.

      Trying to find out what the problem was, i had a look the RepositoryClassLoader class that overrides the URLClassLoader getURLs method with:
       public URL[] getURLs()
       return EMPTY_URL_ARRAY;

      I also noticed that JBoss has a WebClassLoader that overrides the getURLs() method with a totally different behaviour.

      Would you know another way to find annotated classes in a ESB, SAR JBoss archive ?

      Thanks in advance.