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    jboss and soft links in linux

    Ramon R Newbie

      Hi all,

      First of all I want to say hi to everybody since I'm new in JBoss.

      My problem is as follows:

      I have two soft links in the context folder of JBoss, this two links are pointing to another folder outside of the context folder where I have some JSPs.

      My problem is that Jboss cannot find my JSPs throug this softlinks, if I copy this JSPs folder inside my context folder everything works fine but I would like to have them outside (orders from the top)of it.

      Does anyboy know why JBoss cannot go throug this soft links???
      Is there a configurable option that allows me to do this?
      Shoud I totally forgot this aproach?

      I'm quite lost, so if anyboy can help me I would apreciatte a lot.


      P.D. Sorry for my English