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    deploying  problem

    Sajith Kariyawasam Newbie

      HI all ,

      iam new to j2EE development// ...

      I am deploying j2EE archives into the JBOSS server using IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 , where it has inbuilt support for JBOSS integration.. when i deploy the archives , those are not goes to the "default/deploy" directory , instead it goes to the "default/tmp/deploy" directory ...

      I want to deploy those into the "default/deploy" directly.. I can do it manually , by just copying the files to the server directly.But i think there should be a way to do it directly from the IDE ..

      I tried those deployments using NetBeans 6.0 , there i didnt have to face any problems , then relevant archives deployed into the "default/deploy" directory ....

      so what is the reason behind this could be ?? is that a bug with IntelliJ IDEA or do i have to configure the JBOSS server ???

      plese help me .. im so desperate ... :(

      Thanks n Regds