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    Newbie: Virtual Hosts and Hosts File Problem\Question. 4.2.0

    J P Newbie

      I'm having trouble getting virtual hosts to work with version 4.2.0.GA. Part of the problem I think might be the fact that I'm using the Windows hosts file rather than domains registered with DNS. My main Jboss server is http://apps.domain.com

      I'd like a virtual host at http://test.apps.domain.com to point to my war file. I have http://apps.domain.com mapped to an ip in my windows hosts file. Either adding or not adding the virtual host name to the hosts file doesn't make a difference, neither works. So obviously the problem lies somewhere else, but:

      1. Does the virtual host need to be mapping in the hosts file, and if so, just point it to the same ip as the real server?
      2. Based on my config files below, any apparent reason why this isn't working?

      Here is what I've added to server.xml:


      Here is my jboss-web.xml file in my WAR:


      Anyone know what the trouble is?