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    JBoss 4.2.2 and APR overrides java.library.path

    Eduard Korenschi Newbie

      Hello there,
      We are developing a project which will use, among others, JBoss 4.2.2, and IBM CM (based on DB2). The IBM CM uses the JDBC 2 version of DB2 drivers, which needs some DLL loaded.
      By default, everything works OK, but when I try to also add the Apache Portable Runtime, the JDBC driver fails with a message of "Cannot find the appropriate driver".
      After some "trial and error" process, I isolated the behavior to the run.sh file from JBoss's bin folder. In it, when JBoss finds the native folder inside JBOSS_HOME/bin, it overrides the java.library.path with JBOSS_HOME/bin/native and this in turn stops the JDBC driver from finding its DLLs (my assumption). If I comment the line overriding the java.library.path then everything works ok, but I don't know the implications.
      More, this happens only on Linux (SLES 9.3 in our case) and not on Windows.

      Any ideas about how I could avoid this problem, or any comments on side-effects of commenting that line in run.sh?

      Thanx a lot