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    Installation Troubles

    Jesus Aguilera Newbie

      Hi there, I´m a new user, not a developer, just a System Configuration Analyst and I found some problems during the installation process of Jboss. I followed all the steps in order to have a clean installation of this powerful tool. After that, In the server where jboss was installed it runs with the http://localhost:8080 perfectly. My problem begins when I try to see the server from outside, I mean, from another server or just a client. I said: or http://sige-prueba.mf.gov.ve and nothing happens. The jboss server IP address is in the hosts (either windows or linux, we use linux server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and windows XP and linux fedora clients) and the result is the same. Please I need some orientation or some 'light'
      Thanks in advance