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    WebDAV servlet?

    Lee Smith Newbie

      Sorry, I've searched all over and haven't been able to figure out what WebDAV support is provided by the various JBoss projects. I have JBoss AS 4.2, which I received bundled with the JBoss Developer Studio. I have the AS running, but can't figure out how to start the webdav servlet. I don't even understand who provides the webdav servlet. I did find some posts that make it sound like there is a "jbossweb2.0.x (Tomcat 6.0.13) embedded in JBoss 4.2.0GA." I don't really understand what that means. Should I be able to start a webdav servlet of some sort with the AS 4.2 that I have? Do I need JBoss Web or JBoss Portal? Is the webdav servlet something that comes from Apache instead of JBoss? And what is the mechanism for starting the webdav servlet, once I have all the necessary downloads (or might I already have everything I need, and just don't understand the deployment mechanism)? Thanks in advance, and I hope I have posted this question in the correct forum.