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    JBOSS 5.0 BETA 4 and EAR deployment w/ Persistence Unit JAR

    George Daswani Newbie


      Does anybody here know why EAR's with JPA Persistence Units packaged as utilty jars have to be listed in the application.xml in order for it to work on JBOSS5B4?

      Basically, In order for a Utility jar JPA to be deployed in JBOSS 5 BETA 4 packaged with an EAR, it has to be listed as an EJB Module?


      APPModel.jar (this is the JPA Persistence Unit JAR)

      (in order for such an ear to deploy on JBOSS 5B4 - APPModel has to be listed as an EJB module in the application.xml - else the PU doesn't start).

      Is this just a bug or a problem with JBOSS or an ambiguity in the JEE5 spec? Using GlassFish 2, the APPModel.jar doesn't have to be listed as an EJB module in the application.xml (listing the PU as an EJB module will make it fail to validate with the verifier) and the EAR deploys fine.

      So basically, if I want my EAR to deploy in JBOSS 5 - I have to mangle my EAR file and hack the application.xml then list the Persistence Unit JAR file as an EJB Module even though its not.