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    Apache-ModJK-JBoss Firewall rule sets

    Ponvinayagan Krishnasamy Newbie


      We have our JBoss server behind firewall and from Apache server through the ModJK configuration and Port no 8009 accessing the web application deployed in JBoss.

      I am trying to list the Port numbers need to be opened from Firewall for Apache to JBoss communication and I know well that we need to add the port 8009 on the list.

      Are there any other ports need to be opened in Firewall for this communication and for reverse (Jboss to Apache) as well ?

      When I used the TCPView to check the port number being connected from Apache machine to Jboss machine and vice. versa. I observed that httpd.exe estiblishes 2/3 TCP connections on radom port numbers and on the JBos side for the same 2/3 TCP connections on the same (radom) port are established.


      On Apache machine TCP View
      httpd.exe:1172 TCP ApacheMachine:2709 JBossMachine:8009 ESTABLISHED
      httpd.exe:1172 TCP ApacheMachine:2711 JBossMachine:8009 ESTABLISHED
      httpd.exe:1172 TCP ApacheMachine:2713 JBossMachine:8009 ESTABLISHED

      On JBoss Machine TCP View
      JBoss_4_3.exe:2208 TCP JBossMachine:8009 ApacheMachine:2709 ESTABLISHED
      JBoss_4_3.exe:2208 TCP JBossMachine:8009 ApacheMachine:2711 ESTABLISHED
      JBoss_4_3.exe:2208 TCP JBossMachine:8009 ApacheMachine:2713 ESTABLISHED

      Could some one please explain me what are these port numbers?

      Are there any list of these port number or any range?

      Do I need to open these Port numbers in the Firewall?

      Please advice and help me.