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    prob how to deploy dvd store example of jboss seam on jboss

    nafnaf merry Newbie

      Hi, every body

      i m a bigginner to jboss seam , i ve tried to see first of all the example the 3 example that i tried before "dvd store" example worked good, but the dvd example doesn't wanna to be launch when i write "http://localhost:8080/seam-dvd/ " , even if on the console it doesn't show me errors , it responds as all other example : build succefully .
      i went to the home page of jboss AS but , i didn't find the dvdstore example with deployed project wich means that .....it wasn't deployed ..
      i tried to see tutorials but theu didn't say that i need a data base or any other thing, also i say that on some site they said that the example have a bug, or that it 's ina period of updating ..

      Plz i will so gratful for u if someone could help me .

      thnks in advance.