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    jboss 2.4 ga on a celeron 2008/512Mb ok ???

    je le Newbie

      I look everywhere and I couldn't found the minimal hardware requirement for jboss (well, there one for 2003 with celeron 1G/128Mb !! don't think it apply anymore :-) )

      I could rent a celeron 2008 with 512Mb, unlimited trafic for less than 150€/year, so it looks like a good bargain for a personal site.

      I'm not looking at a 1M hot/day server so speed is not really and issue :-) ; what I not really sure about is if jboss wont crash with this configuration.

      on this server I'm planning to use of course linux, only jboss (ejb/jsp/dwr), jackrabbit, jbossportal and a minimal mysql db. Only one domain. No apache, No php. No remote access, no web services, so I probably will switch it on minimal configuration.

      At office I have a jbossportal install on a P4/512Mb that works for month but we only use it for theme/css test

      What do you think ?? will jboss works or will it crashes every 5min ????

      Thks in advance for any advices