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    Using JBoss with Linux(RedHat)

    Rupak Khurana Newbie


      I am using JBoss 4.2.2.GA on HTTP connector port 8091(other ports being default) and I can access the URL http://localhost:8091 to see jboss stuff.

      My router has a static IP Address and I want to access Jboss from outside using http://<static ip>:8091. I enabled port forwarding in the router for port 8091 to the local ipaddress of my linux machine running jboss but I cant seem to access jboss now. I enabled specific port 8091 in my Linux firewall setting and also tried to disable firewall but to no effect. [ I have oracle installed on the same machine and its web interface is configured at default 8080 port, the similar port configurations seem to work for it, but not with jboss]. By the way, its something with Jboss on Linux because on a windows XP machine, the above configuration of Jboss works fine.

      Pls advice