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    openNMS (SNMP) Performance Question

    Frank Lawlor Newbie

      We used JProfiler to profile out application running on JBoss 4.0.2. We tried with two different application loads (25 threads & 50 threads) and found the following:

      25 Thds 50 Thds
      % runnable time in org.opennms.protocols.snmp.SnmpPortal$Receiver.run 4.7% 16.8%
      % runnable time in org.opennms.protocols.snmp.SnmpPortalTimer$Scheduler.run 1.0% 5.0%

      We have done nothing to configure any of this.

      This raises several questions:

      1) Why is it spending about a quarter of our processing power in snmp at 50 threads?!!!

      2) Why is it spending so much more at 50 threads than at 25?

      3) Is there some way to turn this off (or at least reduce the load)?

      4) What is this doing?

      5) What do we loose by turning it off?

      Thanks for any help on this.

      -- Frank