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    How to configure session data crossover detection

    Andrew Cheung Newbie

      Hi, all. I'm running jboss 4.0.5GA, portal version 2.4.1 (with a custom application running inside the portal). I have 2 instances of the app. server running on the same virtual machine, fronted by iChain. There is an occasional problem where data for one logged in user gets the data from another logged in user.

      My question is : is there a way (or a setting) that I can configure so that I can debug the data crossover (or any discrepancies detected are logged)? For example, I heard that in WebSphere there is a property in the web container level called "DebugSessionCrossover" that will log any discrepancies when crossover happens. Do we have such equivalent setting in JBOSS?

      Thanks in advance for answering.