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    Tomcat Virtual Hosts/Hostname

    J B Novice

      Hi guys,
      Im trying to get tomcat up and running properly with the beta4 version for AS 5. Think my problem is related to this http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-3918 but just would like some confirmation on it.

      I have no problem getting a response with "localhost:8080" or "" but as soon as i use my machine hostname or IP address, i dont get a response.

      So or http://localhost.8080/ works and
      http://hostname:8080/ or http://ipaddress:8080/ doesnt.

      Should ip address or hostname work out of the box?? This is the way it is in tomcat standalone. So i thought maybe i have to add virtual host config, which i did but have had no luck getting it to work in beta4.

      Is this a bug or is my config not set up right??

      Thanks in advance,