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    completely turning off DEBUG logging

    creatureoflegend Newbie

      I find the log file heavily poluted w/ DEBUG level messages, even when the application running on the server is not being used. These DEBUG messages are not comming for my app. How would I completely turn off DEBUG logging for jboss?

      Did a windows content search for DEBUG in the entire jboss folder, and change every occurance of DEBUG to INFO. That didn't do anything.

      Basically the only thing I want in the log is the stuff I put there w/ my app (System.out.println, servlet's log(), etc) and bad errors that may happen to jboss.

      Did a search on the net it said you're supposed to edit log4j.properties, but there is no log4j.properties in the jboss folder.

      Pretty please help!

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          jaikiran pai Master

          Depending on the version of JBoss you are using, the file to edit is log4j.xml (for versions prior to JBoss-4.2.x) or jboss-log4j.xml (starting JBoss-4.2.x), which you will find in %JBOSS_HOME%\server\< serverName>\conf folder. This is what you might want to add to that file:

          <category name="com.arjuna">
           <priority value="WARN"/>
           <category name="org.jboss">
           <priority value="INFO"/>
           <category name="org.apache">
           <priority value="WARN"/>

          Change/add the contents based on what you need in the log files.