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    mod_jk URL double decoding problem

    Avi Avi Newbie

      My question is regarding mod_jk/jboss integration.
      I am using Apache 2.0.54 and mod_jk 1.2.26.

      When I request the following url to my application, I get an HTTP 500 response (internal server error).

      But if I send the request to jboss directly (port 8080), the above url works.
      So, I am pretty sure that this is a double decoding issue due to %25.

      I have tried this with all 3 jkOptions (ForwardURIProxy, ForwardURICompatUnparsed, ForwardURIEscaped, ForwardURICompat)
      and nothing seems to work.

      Am I missing something here ? Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated.