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    scott solomon Newbie

      According to an application I am using,

      I need to start SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services as a daemon. The SPSS documentation says the following:

      Starting as a Daemon under UNIX

      For information on starting the SPSS Predictive Enterprise Repository daemon on an application server other than JBoss, see the application server vendor documentation.

      To start the SPSS Predictive Enterprise Repository as a daemon under UNIX for an installation using JBoss:

      1. From a command line, navigate to the bin directory of the JBoss installation.

      2. Enter: ./mm.sh start

      Note: It may take several minutes for the server and its components to become active.

      3. To verify the server is stopped, enter ps -e | grep wrapper. The process should not appear in the list.

      What does mm.sh do?

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          jaikiran pai Master

          They probably are referring to run.sh which is in %JBOSS_HOME%\bin folder. This script starts the JBoss server. Or maybe they have their own mm.sh file (in which case you will have to contact that application's support team).