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    Life cycle of sessions .ser files in tmp in JBoss-4.2.1.GA

    Ratan Korlam Newbie


      My understanding on .ser files in tmp/sessions folders goes like this:

      1. When the beans are created at first instance, the folders are created in sessions folder of tmp (jboss-4.2.1.GA\server\default\tmp).
      2. When passivated they are written as .ser files
      3. When activated these .ser files were read
      4. When the server is shutdown (or the ear is re-deployed) then the sessions folder is cleaned and gets deleted

      Please correct me (or point me towards docs) if my understanding is wrong.

      Now, my issue is:
      We have a performance tracker (KEYNOTE) on production server for our application. With this tool enabled, found that .ser files keep increasing in the respective bean folders and taking away the full disk space in matter of couple of days.

      NOTE - Without this tracker, things are fine. Every JSP page in our application invokes and removes the beans.

      Can anyone please explain about the sessions folder - when do the folder(s) with bean name are created with .ser files, when they are updated and deleted.

      Thanks & Regards.