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    ClassLoading issue between 2 EAR in JBoss 4.2.1

    Branimir Minkov Newbie

      There seams to be a weird issue, I assume it is related to JBoss Classloading.
      I have 2 independent EARs, say EAR_1 and EAR_2. Both of them work great being deployed independently each other, i.e. only one EAR deployed at the same time. When EAR_1(has JBoss Seam) and EAR_2(plain JSF) are put together in ~/server/default/deploy/ directory, they deploy as usual. Invoking a JSF page in EAR_2 shows a Seam-based Exception, the current EAR_1 has no JBoss Seam in it at all, the only Seam Jar is in EAR_2, nowhere in JBoss server library directories either. I am using for both applications the default JSF-RI in the JBoss' Tomcat's jsf-lin folder-no other JSF jars. Please advice if this is a Classloading issue or a configuration I might be missing. Thanks.