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    JBoss App clustering with SAN storage.

    Mr Jack Newbie

      Hi, we setting up an environment for our web production. Our architect suggested figure two, but we thinking of using figure one diagram. Can anyone help us which diagram is the best solution?

      http://www.rehal.com.my/files/jbos_diag.jpg <--diagram

      in figure one, all jboss app server will connect to one partition, and that partition will get the requested data from other related partition in the san storage.

      for figure two, there will be only one partition where all jboss app server will connect to it to get data. our concern is, let say we hosting around 100 websites total in 8 servers, wont it will kill the Read/write on the san storage if we use one partition?

      for the first figure, the first partition is like caching area for the data requested.

      Can ne one help us on this? Thanks alot guys..