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    Use of jbossall-client.jar startnig JBoss-5.0 CR1

    jaikiran pai Master

      After the fix to http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-4355, the JBoss trunk now creates a MANIFEST only jbossall-client.jar with references to other jar files. The readme in that jar mentions this:

      This jar file contains a classpath reference to various client jar files used by jboss client applications.
      Each of the jar files in the following list must available in the same directory as the jbossall-client.jar, Otherwise they will not be found by the classloader.

      From my understanding of the jbossall-client.jar file - this was meant to be a single jar file which the client application could place in their classpath. Isn't it? Or was there any other use of this jar file?

      Now going forward, starting JBoss-5.0 CR1, does this jar serve any purpose to the client applications? Since anyways they will have to package the other jar files in their classpath.