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    Running JBOSS as a windows service

    Danny Willems Newbie


      At the moment we are on our production systems running JBOSS 4.2.2 as Windows service using the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper.

      On the JBOSS wiki (http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/RunJBossAsAServiceOnWindows) I found an article that mentions you can also do this by using JBOSS native.

      Is JBOSS native a good choice for production environments?
      Are there any differences between the wrapper and the native solution, especially concerning performance and reliability?

      Thanks for any advice you can give me,


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          Peter Johnson Master

          I am using JBoss Native in production. But there is no difference in performance or reliability between the JBoss Native service mechanism or Tanuki service mechanism. Both simply launch JBossAS which does all of the work from then on - the service launching mechanism takes no part in anything beyond that.

          Note, however, that JBoss Native, when installed, provides the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) which can speed up HTTP rquests. But of course you can install JBoss Native for APR and still use Tanuki as the service mechanism.