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    Can I deploy a Folder other than a .WAR type in Windows mc/

    anand haridas Newbie

      Hi All!

      I have an application which resides outside the JBOSS Server Folder.
      Ideally if i need to deploy the application i might have to move it into the server/default/deploy folder but i want it deployed from outside.

      I got the way out by specifying

       <attribute name="URLs">

      In the jboss-service.xml file under the URLDeploymentScanner setting.

      But the issue i am facing is that my folder name has to be docroot rather than a 'docroot.war'
      This is a restriction i would like to keep :-(

      But JBoss requires a .war. How can i get rid of this issue (In Windows)?

      In Unix machine i was able to create a link.
      In Windows i tried something similar using cygwin but it gave FileNotFound exception on the link (file:/c:\user-21682\home\application\src\docroot.war)

      I had linked docroot.war to docroot folder, but under Windows it is Not able to find the file(folder).

      Under Unix this trick works.

      Please Help!