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    JVM or JBoss cache of DNS? trying to configure mysql-ds.xml

    Stephen Barr Newbie


      I am trying to start a jboss messaging server, connecting to a mysql database. I have my mysql-ds.xml configured with the following line:


      We have a cluster of mysql servers, and we have DNS set up such that int-mysql64-master.mydomain.com always resolves to the master mysql server. Recently, the IP address of our master server changed, and our DNS was updated. For example, I can ping int-mysql64-master.mydomain.com and it resolves to the correct box. However, it seems that when I try to start jboss with ./run.sh -c messaging , it is still trying to connect to the old server, according to the server.log file. Also, even when I make changes to mysql-ds.xml and try to run ./run.sh, it is still trying to connect to the old address. How can I fix this? Is there some cache that I can flush? Is JVM or Jboss caching hostnames? Where are the IP/hostname maps stored, and how can I flush them?