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    Timeout Error in Eclipse

    Manleon Manleon Newbie

      Hello All,

      I have recently downloaded Eclipse 3.3 and JBoss 4.2.2. Now i am developing my project in eclipse and the deploying the same on JBoss from within eclipse. Now when i build my project and then click on 'Run on Server' Eclipse will first try to publish the project on the target JBoss platform. Then it will start the server and after starting some services it will deploy my application. This all activity takes somewhat near 1 min. So before my application is ever deployed Ecilpse will throw an error the "Timeout occured. Respost from server has taken more that 50 seconds".

      I am having 512MB of RAM in my machine plus i am runnign the default configuration from within JBoss.

      Also if I run the JBoss server from outisde eclise i.e. with the run.bat file from JBoss the application is deployed successfully. So i dont think there is any problem with my application.

      Can anybody please help me if I can increase the timeout seconds or if possible completely disable it.

      Thanks in Advance.