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    Is it possible to make JBoss not scan jars from a specific d

    Baptiste GAILLARD Newbie


      I have an enterprise application deployed as an EAR archive. In my EAR i have multiple dependencies as jars.

      For example:

      - myear.ear

      - mywar.war
      - dependency.jar

      My problem is the following. Inside "dependency.jar" I have a directory which contain JAR files. Those files MUST NOT be loaded by the JBoss deployer.
      Besides I can't switch off deployment scanning. What I want to do is to switch off scanning only for a specified directory.

      For example the structure of "dependency.jar" could be:

      - dependency.jar

      - com.mycompany

      - aclass.class
      - aclass.class

      - not_scanned_directory
      - scanned_directory

      - dep1.jar

      I know that "jboss-service.xml" allow to exclude resources from scanning.
      <attribute name="FilterInstance"
       <!-- Files starting with theses strings are ignored -->
       <property name="prefixes">#,%,\,,.,_$</property>
       <!-- Files ending with theses strings are ignored -->
       <property name="suffixes">#,$,%,~,\,v,.BAK,.bak,.old,.orig,.tmp,.rej,.sh.zip</property>
       <!-- Files matching with theses strings are ignored -->
       <property name="matches">.make.state,.nse_depinfo,CVS,CVS.admin,RCS,RCSLOG,SCCS,TAGS,core,tags</property>

      Ok, but this does not works for directories, what I want to do is something like that:
      <property name="matches">... ... ... ..., not_scanned_directory</property>

      This would prevent JBoss to scan everything in the "not_scanned_directory" of "adependency.jar".

      So, is it possible to do that ? How ?
      If not, how can I define jars in my EAR and force JBoss to COMPLETELY ignore those jars ?