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    EAR depency and redeployment

    V B Newbie

      I have deployment problem on jboss-4.0.5.

      here is my deployement architecture :
      in the deploy directory :
      |- A-lib.jar
      |- A.ejb

      |- B-lib.jar
      |- B.ejb

      A.ear and B.ear use the same loader repository configured in jboss-app.xml.
      B.ejb has a depends configuration in jboss.xml on A.ear jmx name. This is because B.ejb uses classes from A-lib.jar.
      On server start, B.ejb is not available until A.ear (and so A-lib.jar) is deployed. This is fine.
      But when I redeploy A.ear with a new version of A-lib.jar, I'd like B.ejb to use this new A-lib.jar classes. But it doesn't and throws a NullPointerException. Why B.ejb can not manage to use the use version of this class available in this loader repository.