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    dynamic Jboss launcher

    jsingh jsingh Newbie

      Following up on my previous post, I have been trying various things and was able to deploy 1) 2 ears on the same instance using suggestions made by PeterJ, and 3) run multiple instances of Jboss on same machine (command line) from the JBoss documentation:
      'multiple web apps in the SAME JBoss instance'

      I have been doing some look ups, and I found this one pager in JBoss's website, that talks about a dynamic jboss launcher. I see that one needs a third party Java Warpper application to do this, but other than that, does any one have any information on further documents / reading on this? Is anyone using it in production environment? is it recommended or one should stick to the command line start of multiple instances (if going for multiple instances)? Any thoughts, suggestions welcome.: