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    JBOSS application access issue

    Barry Crosby Newbie

      I'm deploying an application utilising JBOSS. This is not the first time I have done this and it has never failed like this before.

      JBOSS is installed and working, if I goto http://server:8080 the JBOSS home page comes up.

      If I point to http://server:8080/application it sometimes opens the connect to dialogue, prompting for login details, for the server BUT not all the time. The user can be using it happily for an hour, go away and the come back and get prompted for login details. When it prompts for the login details it does not allow you back in but then eventually you can access it!!

      It is running on windows server 2003. There does not seem to be any pattern to it.

      Has anyone ever come across anything similar??

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I have not seen this before, and we run JBoss Portal on JBossAS in Windows 2003. Are there any log entries made in server.log during the time the user fails to log in? And what do you mean by "it does not allow you back in but then eventually you can access it". I more accurate description of the behavior would be helpful. (In other words, is the user getting errors, or do the page simply refresh with the login request, or does the page just not refresh?)

          Also, what type of login module are you using?

          Also, what version of JBossAS and what JDK?