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    Multiple configuration folders

    Yahya Rafique Newbie

      Hi I am a newbie to JBoss and I need some desperate help!

      In windows on a basic installation to run multiple servers for folders under the server directory you can just use:

      run -c <folder1>
      run -c <folder2>

      once you have configured the JBoss ports so they dont clash.

      I am working with Linux and I am already working on a machine with a different installation so I dont where the run.sh file is since the bin directory is not there under jboss4. To start and stop JBoss i use the command:

      sudo service JBoss4 start sudo service Jboss4 stop

      upon looking I found that the configuration file I found that the configuration to be loaded is set in jboss4.conf specifically by the JBOSS_CONFIGURATION variable.

      How can I achieve the above effect of windows in this installation of Linux