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    Deploying to a remote server - how do I do this?

    Richard Cross Newbie

      I've searched this forum and struggled to find anything via Google.

      I'm trying to get the Codehaus jboss-maven-plugin to work using the target jboss:deploy (as opposed to harddeploy). There's some example code on their site (http://docs.codehaus.org/display/M2ECLIPSE/Using+Maven+with+application+servers#UsingMavenwithapplicationservers-JBoss), but the specified deployUrlPath value just makes Maven cry out in pain.

      I'd like to start by trying to understand how I can deploy something to a remote JBoss server without Maven. Is this possible? Can someone point me to the right documentation?

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          Steven Boscarine Apprentice

          Has anyone found the answer to this?  I would like to automate our build for continuous integration.  Will the jboss-maven-deploy plugin deploy to a remote server?   Does cargo work with JBoss?


          Here's the config I tried with the jboss-maven-deploy plugin:

                   <!-- Configure the JBoss AS Maven deploy plugin -->





          Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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            Emmanuel LEGROS Newbie



            I am interresting by an answer because I have the same need. Did you have one ?


            I use JBoss EWP 5.0.1, and the technics facts tell me that the remote deploy with Maven does not work. To according to the log, when I use jboss:deploy, the problem is the war is not send to the server. JBoss try to deploy the war which is supposed to be in the repository /home/myUser (except if I write something else in the fileName in the configuration of jboss-maven-plugin).


            So the question is : do we have to search how to use Maven to do remote deploy, or it does not work and that's all ?


            Some informations on the file attached (I don't see how to paste informations)


            Best regards,