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    JSAFE_InputException During Jboss Start Up

    Gavin Stokes Newbie

      I'm getting the following error when attempting to start my app in Jboss. Has anyone seen or heard of this error before. I'm running Jboss 4.0.5 on Win2k3 SP2 R2 and I'm attempting to connect to CA DIrectory 8.1 on Windows using a directory.xml file. The error is below.

      21:22:54,000 ERROR [PBESHA1RC2CBCPKCS12PBE5128Handler] com.rsa.jsafe.JSAFE_InputException: invalid character
      21:22:54,000 INFO [deploy]
      21:22:54,000 INFO [deploy] An error occurred while configuring Identity Manager. Reverting configured objects...
      21:22:54,000 ERROR [EnvironmentService] Deploying directory directorynoclear.xml