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    Hot deployment of EAR with WAR and JAR components

    Mathias Müller Newbie


      I have problems with hot deployment of EAR file with WAR and JAR components. The WAR has JSP.
      I copied the EAR to the deploy directory, the application.xml is touched.
      The problem is that I don't see any changes in the application made to the JSP.
      Is the only solution Exploded Deployment or can I configure JBOSS to update JSP from the new WAR?

      Regards, Mathias

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          jaikiran pai Master

          If your application is not deployed in exploded format, then for hot deploying the application, you will have to remove the current application (EAR) from the "deploy" and place the new version of the application in the deploy folder.

          Exploded deployment makes it a lot easier. Especially for jsps. If any jsp changes in an exploded deployment, the changes will be picked up without requiring any hot deployment of the entire application (no need to touch any xml files).