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    Jboss Mac OS Leopard Connection Issues

    Roger Silva Newbie

      Hi people, how are you?
      I'm trying to deploy an EJB3 app in Jboss 4.2.3 installed on Mac OS X 10.5 Server running on JVM 1.6. Besides, the server has no firewall, and the network environment doesn't have any proxy or firewall restrictions either.
      I have the same application deployed and running on windows, in the same network environment with no problems.

      The application deployment on Mac is always successful, but something is preventing the application to access resources not locally installed on Mac Server. In other words, despite there is no firewall, proxy, or network restrictions ( the firewall is not even installed on Mac server) this application is not able to access any resource installed on different servers on the same network environment. For instance, there is something preventing the application to connect to any database, or EJB deployed on different machine. I couldn't figure out what is going on as when this app tries to access any resource not installed/deploy on localhost, then Jboss AS throws something like connection refused exception but with no further details - It doesn't log which address the server is trying to connect.
      I've tried two different approaches: unzip and setup a new jboss; and just copy and paste the jboss installed on windows machine. Both attempts failed :-/
      Notice that I'm starting jboss server with "-b" option at command line.

      I wasn't able to figure out what is going on. Please, Does someone have experienced a similar issue?May some one give me some help?

      I appreciate any help you can give me,