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    JBoss vs Weblogic: classloading

    sam khan Newbie


      I'm working on an app that is app server agnostic (in theory). Here's the exploded deployment structure:

      + first.war
      + second.war
      + third.war
      + META-INF
      + APP-INF
      ++ lib

      As some of you may know, Weblogic will load binaries from the classes folder (under APP-INF) before loading binaries from the lib folder. This is great - I can output binaries from eclipse to the classes folder hot swap them. However this doesn't work in JBoss - I've tried it many times and in many different configurations. JBoss DOES pick up binaries from the lib folder - binaries that the war's depend on. My question is - is it possible to configure JBoss to load non jar packaged binaries before it goes looking in the lib folder? Basically I'd like to hot swap class files - my current process with JBoss is to kill the server, update the jars (under the lib folder) and restart which is very time consuming.

      Many thanks.