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    Is MailFolder.getNewMessages supposed to work?

    Stefan Lecho Newbie


      Since a couple of days I'm trying to configure a way of popping mails from a mailbox. When looking at the code of MailFolder, I'm wondering if the getNewMessages() method is supposed to work.

      First of all there is an interesting comment: "This does not seem to be the most reliable new msg check"

      MailFolder.java: public Message[] getNewMessages()
       /* This does not seem to be the most reliable new msg check. This should
       probably be unread msgs with the msgs marked as read on successful
       if (folder.hasNewMessages() {

      According to the JavaDoc of POP3Folder.hasNewMessages(), the method always returns false.

       Always returns false; the POP3 protocol provides no way to determine when a new message arrives.

      I would be pleased if someone could indicate if this has been solved in the mean time :o)

      Regards, Stefan Lecho.