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    Cluster push very slow

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      Any ideas why push from farm directory is so slow? The ear Im deploying is only 12M but the push takes a long time. Im using jboss 4.2.2GA

      Console log:
      13:59:37,303 INFO [ClusterFileTransfer] Start push of file ***.war to cluster.
      14:01:08,274 INFO [ClusterFileTransfer] Finished push of file ***.war to cluster.


      Both nodes are on the same network segment and the transfer with scp is a LOT faster.

      [****@**** ~]$ time scp /opt/****/jboss/server/all/farm/****.war ****:/tmp
      ****@****'s password:
      ****.war 100% 11MB 11.2MB/s 00:00

      real 0m1.475s
      user 0m0.274s
      sys 0m0.186s
      [****@***** ~]$