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    Using older (1.x) version of xerces on JBoss 4.2.2GA

    Karol Piotr Newbie

      I've searched the forum for any solutions of this problem but i've found none.

      Our web apllication requires a jar which needs an old (1.x) version of xerces, while JBoss 4.2.2 is using the 2.x version.

      On JBoss 4.0 I solved this problem but on 4.2.2 with Seam it doesn't work.

      Creating a loader-repository with java2ParentDelegation=false overrides xercesImpl.jar form lib/endorsed directory with xerces.jar, so our application could work well.

      The problem is that now there are problems with parsing jboss own configuration and deployment so the application doesn't even start.

      Is there any solution that jboss would change xerces's major version after launching and deploying application?

      Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!