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    User Agent is NULL in Jboss EAP (JBoss 4.3.0.GA_CP011)

    Vikas Gupta Newbie

      Whenever I start the EAP with default settings i.e. server is bound to localhot, the user-agent field in HTTP Request headers comes as null. If I start the EAP bounded to machine's IP address i.e. using -b option, it works well. On debugging I found that if we start the EAP with default options, it binds server with localhost and in headers for user-agent and its value it replaces all characters with -. Thus the key


      Same stands true for its values as well. The key and value in request headers look likes this:
      ----------- ------------ ---- ---- ------- -- ---- ---- ---- --- --------- ---- --- --------- ---- --- ----------

      Since the user-agent key has been changed to sequence of dash, retrieving user-agent from request header comes as null.

      If I start the server bound to IP address, I get correct values for this header.Is this a bug or security constraint. Please suggest

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