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    Can't start up JBoss

    sender jones Newbie

      Downloaded 4.2.3.GA. Set up jboss_home and included the bin in the path variable. After run.bat, the start up process stopped in the middle. Last message in the boot.log is

      17:00:22,165 DEBUG [Server] Starting General Purpose Architecture (GPA)...
      17:00:22,275 WARN [BasicMBeanRegistry] preRegister() failed for JMImplementation:type=MBeanServerDelegate:
      java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: TRACE
       at org.jboss.logging.Log4jLoggerPlugin.isTraceEnabled(Log4jLoggerPlugin.java:85) ........

      and further down
      17:00:22,275 DEBUG [Server] Failed to start
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot create MBeanServer
       at org.jboss.mx.server.MBeanServerImpl.<init>(MBeanServerImpl.java:239) .......

      The installation was a clean one. So I think the problem is something outside the package. Can anybody help me on this.