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    Problems with language-settings...changed without changes in

    Daniel Kohl Newbie

      Hi all,

      since a few weeks we are in production with JBoss 4.2.2 and we never had any problems since last week.

      We did not make any changes in the AS's configuration, but we configured some system-properties in our environment (Linux 10.3, Variables TERM and DISPLAY).

      Since this changes take place the AS starts with different language settings and file-encodings.

      We expect this settings:

      17:10:09,058 DEBUG [ServerInfo] user.language: de
      17:10:09,059 DEBUG [ServerInfo] user.country: DE
      17:10:09,061 DEBUG [ServerInfo] file.encoding: UTF-8

      And get this:

      21:54:45,696 DEBUG [ServerInfo] user.language: en
      21:54:45,691 DEBUG [ServerInfo] user.country: US
      21:54:45,691 DEBUG [ServerInfo] file.encoding.pkg: sun.io

      We don't have any idea about this issue, but the AS can't handle the german special characters anymore ("Umlaute"). They now all appear as a '?'....

      How can we configure this settings in the AS without any dependency to the system it's running on?

      Greetings and thanks in advance